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How It Works

Why the auctions work

Full Transparency

In a traditional transaction, your competition are ghosts. You're told there are multiple offers and they are solid. Are they? With an auction, you know exactly who your competition is and what they are willing to pay. Creating a fully transparent buying and selling experience.

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Supply & Demand

Supply is low and demand is high. But in an auction setting, all of the demand is in one place at one time. The value of the property is determined in real time creating a unique environment where supply meets demand. Transparent, clean and unique.

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Timeline Control

With a traditional transaction, closing can get drawn out. With our auction process, we streamline the closing process. A full inspection and title search are done prior to every auction. Our average auction transaction closes in less than 30 days with no contingencies. It's that seamless.

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Proven Results

Explore some of our past auctions

Explore Past Auctions

Selling & Buying Via Auction

How It Works

The Auction Process

2712 Powell Lane

Sold At Auction Above Reserve.

735 18th Ave. NE

Sold Via Auction above asking price.

107 Edgewater Dr

Sold At Auction For Over Asking Price

3107 W. Watrous Ave.

Sold in Phase 3. All Cash.